Saturday, October 5, 2013

Everyone Was Talking about the Elephant in the Room

Crackers' appearance at the launch was well known ahead of time, but we all thought Otto was having his nails buffed at an up-state elephant sanctuary in California. So you can only imagine our collective surprise when Otto walked into Little Island Comics last Saturday!
It was a great day, and surrounded by some of my original art, friends, family and at least one fan, I was able to send off Big Top Otto with style! Here are a few photos from the launch at Little Island Comics in downtown Toronto.
Me and two of my favourite animals.

Crackers and Otto give their trademark salute!

I had a chance to do some drawing, which was fun. A friend shot a video of this which I will eventually post.

Otto presents!

It can be hot in a mascot suit, so the pair went out on the sidewalk to cool off and hopefully lure passersby into the store.

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